Kirby, RSOP, Health Services

RSOP, KSC, & Health Services Proposal Process

Health Services, Kirby Student Center, and Recreational Sports & Outdoor Programs make annual proposals and budget requests to the SSFC during spring semester. Each department head will be contacted in October or early November by the VCSL office to inform them of proposal due dates and presentation dates.

The deadline for proposals will be announced by the end of December, 2022.

The process is as follows:

  1. The department director will receive an email notifying them of their department's scheduled presentation date. This email will include the budget template that is to be used as well as any special instructions relating to their proposals. The budget template can also be found at the bottom of this website. The SSFC requests that each of these departments submit financial data from the previous two years, the current year, as well as the budget request for the following year.
  2. The department submits their proposals and budget request to the VCSL office by the published deadline. This allows the SSFC time to review the budget requests and proposals prior to the department’s presentation.
  3. The department makes a presentation and budget request to the SSFC. Each department will be allowed 45 minutes to make their presentation and to answer any committee questions.
  4. The SSFC will engage in discussions and deliberations. The SSFC will develop questions and will ask that the department heads respond to these questions by requiring a follow up meeting or by requiring answers to the questions by email.
  5. The SSFC will continue to meet over spring semester and deliberate. The SSFC will develop tentative recommendations. These recommendations will be reviewed during spring semester and final recommendations will be made to the UMD Chancellor in March. At this time, each department will be notified of the final recommendations of the SSFC.
  6. Any department wishing to appeal the funding recommendation of the SSFC may do so by submitting an appeal to the Vice Chancellor for Student Life within one week of being notified of the SSFC recommendations.
  7. Appeals will be reviewed and funding levels modified (if necessary) during March. The UMD Chancellor will submit the final recommendations to the University Of Minnesota Board of Regents by the deadline established by system leadership.

The SSFC asks that each department use the budget template. Additional documents, photos, tables, spreadsheets, etc. can be used to enhance the proposal.

Each department has an EFS account where the money allocations are transferred. For questions about the EFS system, contact the VCSL Office ([email protected]).