Current & Prior Allocations

How Is The SSF Allocated?

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Organizations submit a written proposal and budget, and also make a presentation annually to the Student Services Fee Committee to request funds for the following school year. The committee then evaluates each organization based on:

  • Value to Student Body
  • Accessibility to Students
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Contribution to Cultural Diversity
  • Quality of Services
  • Advisory Board Participation
  • User Fees/In-Kind/Volunteer/Other
  • Uniqueness of opportunities/service
  • History of programmatic, fiscal, and advising stability

Student Organizations and Departmental Programs

Student organizations classified as Campus Life Programs (CLPs) and university departments that provide specific student extracurricular programs may apply for funding.


Three university departments are supported by Student Services Fees:

  • Health Services
  • Recreational Sports Outdoor Programs
  • Kirby Student Center