SSF Committee - Membership and Guidelines


2023-2024 Membership

The individuals listed below have been appointed to the SSF Committee for the 2023-2024 year.

Bewaji Anjorinanjor004Student1st
Megan Axbergaxber012Student2nd
David BearddbeardFaculty1st
Fouzia B. Bhatbhat0155Grad Student2nd
Mason Dempseydemps086Student2nd
Jacob Gillespiegille710Student1st
Maija JensonjensonFaculty2nd
Caleb Knudsenknuds365Student2nd
Rhonda LemonrlemonStaff2nd
Elizabeth Manly-Spainmanly021Student1st
Jesus Reyes Jinetereyes453Student1st
Joel Sandersonjsander3Staff2nd
Ritwik N. Raj Saxenasaxen130Grad Student1st
Jasmine St Louisstlou032Student1st
Sally Vangsnessvangs057Student2nd

Non-voting Members

Toni Christensentrchris1Support
Jeremy LeifermanjsleiferAdvisor

SSF Committee Membership Information

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SSF Committee Membership Information


The Student Services Fee Committee (SSFC) is a special committee of the Chancellor charged with making funding recommendations for the UMD Student Services Fees as well as the allocation of funds to registered student organizations classified as Campus Life Programs (CLPs) and university departments for student activities, programs, and services. The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Life (VCSL) provides logistics and support for Committee functions.
The student services fees under the auspices of SSFC include:

  • Health Services Operations & Capital Improvement Fee
  • Recreational Sports Outdoor Programs Operations & Capital Improvement Fee
  • Kirby Student Center Operations & Capital Improvement Fee
  • Student Activity Fee — funds various registered student organizations classified as Campus Life Programs (CLPs) and university departments that provide campus programs and activities for students.
  • Capital Improvement Fee - funds set aside to help support capital projects designed to serve students and improve the student experience

All activity of the Student Services Fee Committee is documented for public information on a web site. This includes the invitation to apply for Committee membership, funding proposals from departments and organizations, and committee meeting minutes.


  1. Voting members shall consist of up to four faculty/staff, a minimum of five undergraduate students, and up to two graduate students. Faculty/staff members cannot be staff from the single-unit fee operations.
  2. Student applicants for SSF Committee membership must have paid the Student Services Fee in the semester they are applying.
  3. Applicants for membership will be required to disclose any memberships or affiliations that might be considered a conflict of interest in allocation deliberations.
  4. Members shall serve staggered two-year terms with ideally two faculty/staff, a minimum of three undergraduate students, and ideally one or two graduate students selected each year. Additional terms require a reappointment. Unfilled second-year seats shall be selected by appointment.

Selection of Committee Members

SSFC members are selected through a process initiated in the fall semester. The table below describes the process and the time commitment.

SeptemberVCSL and UMDSA President (or their designees) review and finalize SSFC application

Application link is made available online and via the Office of Student Life

A number of strategies and methods (email, posters, social media, etc.) are used to invite students, faculty, and staff to apply for SSFC membership


VCSL and UMDSA President (or their designees) review applications and recommend new SSFC members to the Chancellor

Chancellor reviews recommendation and appoints new members

DecemberCommittee receives training (2 hours)
JanuaryAdministrative Units presentations - (3 hours)

Student organization and programmatic unit presentations (10 hours)

Deliberation and final committee recommendation (4 hours)

The VCSL and UMDSA President (or their designees) use the following criteria to recommend new members to the Chancellor. The application for membership solicits information about each criterion.

  • Broad array of interest, as demonstrated by engagement in and with student organizations and co-curricular activities (intramurals, Study Abroad, undergraduate research, etc.).
  • Knowledge of UMD
  • Academic/Administrative area

In recommending a slate of new members to the Chancellor, the VCSL and UMDSA President (or their designees) consider the following factors in addition to the information submitted through the application:

  • Ability to fulfill a two year term. (For students, preference is given to juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and first-year graduate students).
  • Representation from each collegiate unit
  • Representation from more than one division (Chancellor’s Units, Academic Affairs, Finance and Operations, Student Life)

As noted above, faculty and staff from the single-fee units (Health Services, Kirby Student Center, Recreational Sports Outdoor Program) may not serve on the SSFC.

Removal of Committee Members

An SSFC member may be removed from the Committee by the Chancellor. The SSFC may recommend such removal by a ⅔ vote of the Committee.


SSFC member training will be conducted. Topics will include introduction to the process, rationale for the process, viewpoint neutrality, member expectations, timeline, criteria, and review of budget forms.


Student members of the SSFC will receive a stipend of $375 for their work on the committee. All committee members will receive meals when committee business overlaps with breakfast, lunch, or dinner times.  Student members who do not meet the expectations outlined above (as determined by the SSFC Advisor) will not be provided with the stipend.